Our mentorship programmes are designed solely for ambitious students applying to Oxbridge


Our programme is split into three sections. The huge majority of students opt for all three sections: 

1) Pre-application deadline: Personal statement and general high-level university application preparation. Arguably the most important section of the programme, it will ensure you deliver your brand honestly and cogently.

2) Pre-admissions test date: Preparation for your subject-specific admissions test, and any other written tests that occur prior to your interview.

3) Post-interview offer: Interview practice in preparation for the real thing. Our mentors best replicate the actual interview. We're not trying to second guess "what might come up" but instead push you to analyse and discuss problems creatively and coherently. Students are welcome to attend our Interview Preparation Day in Oxford on the weekend before their interview.

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Partnering with a current undergraduate or recent graduate in the exact same subject, you will be led through the application process with your mentor, which includes:

  • Academic support, specific tuition and recommended reading during your A-Levels (or equivalent)
  • Cultural alignment and dispelling myths - What is it like to be an Oxbridge student? What is expected of you? Will I fit in?
  • Personal statement writing assistance - language, structure and approach
  • Practice test preparation, covering all the required admissions tests including the LNAT, BMAT, PAT, CAT, HAT, TSA and The Cambridge Law Test
  • Rigorous interview practice with mock interviews using questions from past Oxbridge interviews

Our group of talented mentors are formed entirely of current or recent graduates from Oxbridge. They provide their expertise on the application process they have recently excelled at – they are perfectly positioned to inspire the next generation of university goers.

Fees: Variable. This is an equal opportunities programme. Students from low-income families and/or selected schools can receive support for free. The service is chargeable for those from selected schools with established Oxbridge preparation already in place.

If you would like support with your application, please send us an enquiry below

Christ Church College, Oxford

Christ Church College, Oxford


This programme is very competitive as places are by their nature limited. Feel free to call us or fill out the form below and one of our team will get back to you.

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