We run intensive, immersive days of mock interviews and tutorials covering all subjects offered by Oxford and Cambridge.

If you are applying to Oxford or Cambridge, your interview will take place usually in the first 3 weeks of December (sometimes earlier depending on subject).

The aim of this day is to familiarise applicants with the interview process and provide written and verbal feedback of their performance so that they enter the process informed and with a greater sense of self-assurance. The Oxford and Cambridge interviews are a testing experience both academically and emotionally and so it is essential that applicants feel prepared enough to perform for their prospective Tutors. 

You will receive three interviews and be provided with feedback on each:

1. Subject specific

Traditionally the least structured but often the most memorable interview, the subject specific interview faithfully mimics the Oxford and Cambridge tutorial. This interview will really challenge the applicant on why they wish to study their chosen subject and will introduce new concepts to them beyond the school curricula. 

2. Personal Statement

The personal statement is often used as a device by Tutors throughout the Oxford or Cambridge interview process. Applicants are expected to know their personal statement inside out and can be (and most likely will be) challenged on all aspects of their declared reading and interests. As Tutors know relatively little about applicants before their arrival in College, the personal statement is often the first point of call in beginning a discussion. Discussion of the personal statement is an easy opportunity for Tutors to examine applicants on their sincerity and integrity; indeed, every year a sizeable number of applicants risk their candidacy because of exaggerated reading or shallow academic pursuits. 

3. Passage/Problem

Commonly, applicants will experience an interview where they are given a passage or problem to consider before discussing it with their Tutors. For humanities applicants this is often an extract or passage (of a historical source, poem or legal case for example), those applying for languages should expect unseen translations or linguistic codes and for the sciences, a quantitative problem. This is certainly not an exercise in getting to the correct answer, often no ‘correct’ answer actually exists. Rather, this is an examination of the applicant’s ability to think through new and challenging problems. This is essential as this kind of tutorial experience is the bread and butter of an Oxbridge education.


Dates: Weekends preceding Oxbridge interviews (late November and early December)

Fees: £350

Students from low-income families may be eligible for subsidised attendance.


We understand an offer for interview will not come until November. However, you can register your interest below and secure your place on receipt of an interview offer. Interviews take place in Oxford and can also be arranged over Skype.

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